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Our free web hosting plan Smart500 comes with a series of interesting plugins to enhance your website. Choose from the most popular web hosting applications including TYPO3, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop and KOKEN. All plugins are free and can be installed in just a few clicks.
The WordPress plugin is also available for installation.

Professional email

Maromania's free web hosting will offer you a free professional mailbox with POP, SMTP and IMAP servers.

Script Installer

We want to help you have an online presence. To do so, we include a free tool to create quality websites.

Free support

Consulting and technical support for the free version will be provided through our knowledge base.

Do you know that?

Create a free and easy PHP 7 website with MySQL databases, E-mail account or WordPress and themes included.

Free cPanel Hosting in Morocco

Control your website using the free cPanel control panel and special free web hosting administration tools. We offer you a unique feature that no one else can give you for free: a free web hosting account with the cPanel control panel. cPanel is a graphical web hosting control panel and administration area, designed to make website administration easy. Our cPanel manages all aspects of website administration in its own simple interface.

500MB disk space

1 FTP account

1 MySQL database

1GB of monthly traffic

1 Email account

Wordpress +300 scripts

Enhanced security
Automatic updates
Online in seconds
cPanel® for free
Free Site Publisher
PHP, Ruby & Python
Optional SSL Certificate
MySQL (MariaDB 10)
Statistics & access logs
PHP 5.4 à 7.3
High Performance Network
Compatible with WordPress, Joomla...